Android Apps for the Chronically Awesome

I’m lucky to have been born in a time where technology is booming. Right at my finger tips are tools that make my days just a tiny bit easier.

Here is my list of apps available for Android for us Chronically Awesome folk:

Google Calendar


This app helps me organize my appointments, my classes, shifts at work, and daily routines. It reminds me to get my medication, call my friends and family, and to take care of myself. I live by this app.

Sleep As Android (Pro)

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Sleep As Android – my knight in shining armour. This app is an all-in-one machine: Alarm with snooze limiter, CAPTCHA, QR, and NFC tag functionality to stop oversleeping; Sleep Tracker; Noise Tracker; Wearables integration; Tasker/IFTTT Intergrations; Mindfulness and Relaxing Sounds. The list actually goes on and on and on.
If this thing made my coffee in the morning, it’d do it all. I use this to maintain a regular sleep routine, see where my sleep is going wrong and figure out why, keep an eye on my deep sleep cycles, and wake up for those early classes.

Walmart Canada Online Shopping


Walmart Pick Up is easily one of the most convenient and amazing services that has entered my small town. Having lived in a major city my entire life, it’s never really been necessary for me to do groceries this way even when it became available.

There are days and weeks when I physically can’t bear dragging myself out of the house, driving to Walmart, then actually doing groceries and get myself back home. Not to mention dragging all the stuff into my three-storey walk-up apartment and putting it away.  Walmart Pick Up actually gives me the ability to get all the groceries I need without sacrificing an entire day. And it can be done all on my phone! Huzzah!

Google Suite


Google’s suite includes Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Forms. The thing is – I’ve got the memory of a goldfish with Swiss cheese for brains. Google’s suite has been amazing for me because of my ability to forget to save things. It does anything and everything I need it to – from blog posts to assignments with Docs. With Sheets I can create spreadsheets for my budget, my symptoms, or make pretty calendars for studying. I can easily share and collaborate with anyone.


What are your favourites? I’d love to add some to my list!