Dog Therapy – Finnigan

A little ways back, my fiancé – we’ll call him C – said that we could get a puppy. We found that we were both in a space where we would be able to give our new family member all the attention it wanted and deserved. Narcolepsy has been doing well and I felt able to cope with taking care of a new friend.

My favourite name to call stray cats and dogs is Finn. I’m some sort of Animal Planet person mixed with a hint of Snow White. I love animals. They find me and I find them. C and I decided on what we wanted in a pet, what we would be willing to tolerate and what would send us running for the hills.

When C and I were looking at ads for dogs needing forever homes, we encountered a beautiful dog of about 5 years, named Finnigan; it was  meant to be. I filled out the application and a few days later received a phone call from the rescue asking questions about C and I, our living situation, and had a chat about Finn’s known issues. When everything went well, we decided it was time to meet Mr. Finnigan.


First Visit

We met Finn and we instantly knew this was going to happen. We were warned of his anxiousness, and a tendency to nip and be protective. I have had a lot of experience dealing with anxious dogs so I immediately adjusted my presentation to Finn and taught C to do the same. We decided it’d be best to visit Finn a few more times for walks and play time before we moved onto the next step. We saw Finn once a week to take him on a long walk.

After a few more visits, Finn got to come check out our pad. This was just a day visit which would lead to a weekend stay and then a 30-day trial adoption.

During the weekend visit, we really found Finn was calming down. He wasn’t as nervous as he was previously during our day visit, but the transition between his previous family and ours was still extremely difficult on Finn.

After the 30 days, we would come together and see if this was the best situation for Finn, for C and I, and for the previous family.

Some things came up for the rescue and we haven’t been able to sign the official adoption contract, but Finn has found his forever home. We regularly send updates to the previous family and keep in touch with the rescue for all intents and purposes – Finn is our new family member.

Finn has been such a welcome addition to our family. His presence is felt immediately – whether by his fur, sheer size, or the fact that he’s such a lovable suck, I’m not sure.

Finn has helped me keep calmer, feel protected, get more exercise, and allowed us to extend our love to another creature. He is a shedding, burping, farting therapy for us.